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How to Start a Success Blog in 2022

You can start a blog in just one hour. You can become a blogger by following these steps.

How to become a blogger in five easy steps

Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting.

You can start a blog by adding WordPress.

You can make your blog personal by choosing a simple theme.

To track stats and locate your readers, add two important blogging plugins.

Create compelling content for your blog to make it a favorite place to visit.

How This Blog Was Started

You want to create something meaningful? You can start a blog. Why not be a blogger? Ryan and me made the best decision to create this blog. Mybloginsta allows us to earn a living. But it’s more important than that, because it’s how you add value to people’s lives.

So, you are thinking of starting a blog. But you don’t know where or how to start. Guess what, neither did we! Before we became “The Minimalists”, we wanted to start our own blog to share our thoughts and feelings. However, there were too many options.

We were clueless, confused, and overwhelmed with options. We had no idea how to create a blog or how we could be a blogger. Where should we begin? How do you register a domain name. Hosting: What is it? What is hosting? How can we choose the right blog theme? What is a plug-in? What should we write? It’s not even possible to spell HTML or build a blog.

The good news is that setting up a blog can be much simpler than you may think. You can now learn from our mistakes and avoid the frustrations of starting a blog.

In 5 Easy Steps: How to Launch a Successful Blog

Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting.

You can start a blog by adding WordPress.

You can make your blog personal by choosing a simple theme.

To track stats and locate your readers, add two important blogging plugins.

Create compelling content for your blog to make it a favorite place to visit.

Although there are several blogging platforms available, like and Nearly every serious blogger uses a self hosted WordPress site due to its creativity and flexibility.

The Minimalists rely on WordPress for greater control of the design and appearance of their blog – more creative control than any other platform. WordPress is .

How to Blog: 20 Tips for Improved Writing

Many people email us asking how to blog and what blog topics are best. We also receive questions about creating content. This essay explains how to set up a blog. But that’s just one step. Now, it’s time for you to start writing and publishing.

Here are 20 tips and tricks for beginners to get you started blogging.

Find Your Niche. A niche doesn’t necessarily mean you should have one, but it does help. You need to find your passion when you learn how to blog. Running? Cooking? Being a parent is a rewarding career. Is your passion something you do? Do you feel passionate about something? It is important to find your passion before you start a blog about minimalism, keto, or other highly saturated topics. What we really mean is that you should not create a blog on a subject unless it’s your unique perspective. If you are living simple and have a unique view, then it’s okay to blog about it.

Define your ideal readers. Once you have chosen your niche, you must identify who will be reading the blog. Our blog is about living a meaningful, simple life. Our ideal readers include people who are interested to explore minimalism in order to lead more meaningful lives. It’s also possible to write about classic cars. You can tailor your writing to suit your audience (whether they’re your family, your community, or anyone else who will be reading your blog).

Add value. Your blog must be valuable to your readers. Your blog should help people solve their problems. This is how to attract quality visitors to your site and keep them coming back. After a decade of managing and leading people in the corporate world, we both knew this. You write a lot, so it is worth asking yourself: Does this add value?

Be unique. You are not the only one writing about the same subject. Question: Why is your blog so different? Answer: Because of YOU. Your blog is what makes it unique. It is all about your perspective, creativity, and the value you provide.

Be interesting Write interesting blog posts. This is especially important if you want people sharing it with others.

Be You Your story is an important part of being unique. Everyone is unique and so is your story. However, storytelling is about removing unnecessary details that distract from the story’s core. The absorptive details are what make a story boring. A great storyteller leaves only the interesting 1%.

Be Honest. You must be honest with your blog if you want it to be read. Your blog can be yourself, or it can be you. Do you truly embody the things you write about? People will see through your writing if it isn’t. Gandhi famously said, “Be the Change you Want to See in the World.” Maybe bloggers should start a blog to express themselves.

Transparency. Transparency is different than honesty. Being transparent is not the same as being honest. (We won’t show you photos of us using the toilet because it’s not relevant.

Time. You’ll need to spend time. Instead, you should spend your time writing.

Vision. Vision. We had no design experience prior to starting our blog. It can be difficult to design a beautiful blog if it doesn’t look the way you want.

Find Your Voice. Writing becomes more appealing to readers when it is discovered over time by good writers. Writing that feels authentic, alive, and real makes it feel more urgent. Check out our blog post on Finding Your Voice.

We will replace you with us. If possible, use the first-person plural. When referring to negative behavior or tendencies, statements that include we and our can be more powerful than your and mine. The accusatory nature of the first person is much less. Consider it this way: We’re writing peer to peer–we’re not gods.

When to post. Question: When is the best date and time to post a blog? Answer: It doesn’t really matter. We don’t have a set time, but we publish at least once per week. Consistency is important. But you shouldn’t get lost in the details.

Social Media. Social Media. Yes, you should use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to connect with other bloggers and your audience. However, don’t get too distracted. Write first and social media second.

Negative Criticism and stupidity should be ignored. We get many negative comments and stupid question from ignorant people, but they’re not our readers. We call them seagulls. They don’t care because we didn’t start this blog for them. You can delete their comment and move on.

Research. Spend some time researching the topic you are writing about. Because we spend time researching the topics we write about, we can use so many useful and relevant links.

Keep it Simple. This is how minimalism can be applied to any blog, regardless of genre. You don’t need to put unnecessary ads or widgets on your site. You should stick to the basics, and eliminate any extraneous advertisements or widgets.

Picture. Place a picture of you on your blog. People like to see who is writing the blog. There’s nothing to worry about if two friends from Dayton Ohio don’t mind putting their pictures up on their website.

Comments. Scott Stratten has five words that will kill your blog:

Live Your Life. Your blog is about your life. We should never forget to include exercise, healthy relationships, personal growth, and contribution. Simply put, live a life you are proud to write about.

15 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

We were inspired by Joshua Becker’s 15 Reasons Why You Should Blog. He discusses 15 great reasons to start a blog.

Why is the key word here. Becker writes not only about how to start a website, but also the purpose. Many other “blogs about bloggin” miss this: they overlook the purpose and reasons behind creating a blog.

Here are our top three Becker reasons:

You will become a better author. Writing is communication at its core. Becker says that writing is about communicating your thoughts and convincing others to do the same. “Practice is the best way to improve your writing, just like any other communication medium. It won’t make you a better writer. You will just improve as you blog. A better writer will have important benefits throughout your entire life. This is spot-on! You are spot on!

You will meet new people. Becker says, “Whether it’s through comments, emails or social media you might be surprised at the speed you meet people online.” That’s true! This blog, The Minimalists, is responsible for many of my most important friendships over the past decade. They have also fostered long-term business relationships and personal relationships.

Be more confident. Becker says blogging will give you more confidence in your daily life. “Blogging will help you realize that your life is important and that you have something to contribute. This is so true! Writing can help us understand our lives better and the consequences we have.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a blog

You now have 15 reasons to start your blog. And we’ve given you step-by–step instructions on how to create a blog based upon our personal experience.

After giving you these detailed instructions that can save you hundreds and hours of wasted time, let us also tell you why you shouldn’t start a blogging site. (These reasons are not meant to be a list of blogging best practices.

Money. It is not a good idea to start a blog in order to make money. First, we need to clear that hurdle. Forget about blogging if you are trying to make a full-time living from it. It doesn’t work like that. Do you think Jimi Hendrix purchased his first guitar in order to “supplement his income?” No, he didn’t. He did it out of love, for the fulfillment and joy he experienced, and the income followed, much later.

Notoriety. Don’t plan on getting “Internet famous” right away. While not every site will grow as fast as ours, it’s okay. It’s true that we were fortunate. We got a great domain, created a logo and site design that people liked, and were successful in writing. This site is not famous. This would be insane. We created this site to be bloggers and share a message. Our surprise success was due to some luck and a lot hard, passionate work.

Traffic. Traffic. Not all traffic is created equal. Spend your time creating valuable creations. People will eventually find you if they solve problems. This means that you should not be focusing on increasing traffic but adding value.

All of these things can be achieved, which is the funny part. A blog can be a source of a steady income. Corbett Barr does it, we do it, and many other people do it. And you might even become a famous blogger online like Chris Brogan and Leo Babauta.

These are not the reasons why you started blogging. It will make you miserable, as it will seem like work. It will feel like a job so you won’t love it.

Instead, be a blogger. Write because you are passionate about it.

How can I start a free blog?

WordPress is completely free to set up a blog. You only need to pay hosting as described in the step by step instructions.

Tumblr, Blogger and other free amateur services allow you to create a blog on their platforms. You should be aware that your content may not be yours if you post it on someone else’s website. WordPress is used for this reason.

How often should I post?

My writing students recommend that I write every day and publish a blog post at the most once per week. On this blog, we usually publish 2 blog posts per semaine. Seth Godin blogs every single day.

No matter what your decision, we recommend that you keep it consistent. A weekly schedule can help you establish accountability partners (your readership), so that you feel compelled even when you aren’t feeling like writing.

What should my very first blog post be about

Avoid grandiosity. Avoid throat clearing. You don’t need a mission statement to start your blog. You don’t need to introduce your blog in a pompous, self-indulgent way with your first blog posting.

Instead, pick one thing that interests your today and write about it. Use the prompts provided in the “What should you blog about” section.

Refer to the original blog post, circa 2010, entitled “Be on the Mountain”.

How do you introduce youself to a blog audience?

You don’t have to introduce yourself in every blog article. Instead, create an “about page” that readers can reference to find out more about you and your life. For an example, take a look at The Minimalists’ About Page. Derek Sivers has a great page called “Now” that you might find useful.

Why are blogs failing?

There are at most three reasons why blogs fail:

Many bloggers set unrealistic expectations. Failure is possible if you have unrealistic expectations. However, if you have genuine motivation to contribute value to the world then you will see your expectations shift.

Some bloggers don’t add value. The Minimalists are not concerned with metrics like followers or subscribers. We focus on creating value for our readers. The success of your business will be based on helping people solve their problems.

Some bloggers place money first. Although it is fine to earn a living through your blog, that should not be the primary objective. Blogs that make money make a difference. Or, to put it another way: Money has a seat in the vehicle but is not the driver.

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